October 6th, 2023


Greetings DAA Community!


Our video this week features several of our amazing students who traveled abroad for athletic competitions while also committing time to community service. These students and many more illustrate the DAA principles of wellbeing, inspiring action, and interconnectedness through their teamwork and kind support of others.


I commend our students for their efforts in athletics, clubs, the arts, and other activities, in addition to their brilliant academic efforts. We strive for every DAA student to be well-rounded and to practice kindness in their interactions with other people.


Great congratulations are due our phenomenal arts program! At the 2023 Education Excellence program on October 5, DAA was awarded the Dubai Drama/Arts Programme of the Year. Our students and teachers continue to carry Dubai American Academy to new heights in music, drama, and visual arts.


Finally, please join us in recognizing Pink Day on Monday October 9. The pink-and-white dress down day shows DAA solidarity in caring for others and encouraging efforts to rid our world of scourges of disease.


It is an honor to serve DAA together. I wish the very best to each member of our community as we march into October!


Kindest regards,


division updates



Pink Day! 

On Monday, WE WEAR PINK and WHITE! 

Join DAAPA in celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month on October 9 with a PINK Day. Students can wear pink or white to show their support. Students are encouraged to bring AED 5, to be collected by their teacher.

Monday, October 9th


Next week two guest speakers, Dr. Haneen Jarrar and Ross Addison, join us in our auditorium to as part of our K-12 WISEtalks. 

Please see our Parent Calendar for our upcoming parent coffee mornings and talks. We look forward to seeing you there!

See Parent Calendar for timings and location details  


HS ARTS/Drama - Best Program of the Year!
This week our HS Arts/Drama department were in the spotlight at the Education Excellence Awards 2023! 
A well deserved recognition as the Program of the Year! Congrats to our HS Arts/Drama team. 
Sporting successes for our Leopards!
The DAA 2023/24 Sport Season continues to bring us exciting wins and plenty of action! From Soccer to Swimming to Volleyball - we have plenty more to be looking forward to!


Breast Cancer Awareness 

Know, Share, and Support!

Our Health Clinic has provided this document to share important information with our community about Breast Cancer, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.

Breast Cancer Awareness.pdf


Threads will be replenishing uniform stocks from October 10th. In addition, pullover sizes have had additional orders placed for the upcoming weeks.

Please contact Threads for information on ordering and delivery: 04 396 4837 or support@threadsme.com.

Our uniform guide can be found on the website HERE: School Uniform Guide


Dear Parents,

Many of you will be aware of the rising popularity of electric scooters, which are increasingly being used for short journeys – including, in some cases, to and from school. Like bicycles, these offer a convenient, environmentally friendly, and fun way to cover short distances, helping to reduce congestion and pollution on Dubai’s busy roads.


It’s important to bear in mind the rules and regulations governing the use of e-scooters, and I’m therefore keen to remind all families who may have purchased or who are considering purchasing an e-scooter of the guidelines set out by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

In line with the RTA’s guidelines, no e-scooters will be allowed onto the school campus and the Al Barsha 1 area is not a permitted zone

Full details can be found online here, but in summary, please note the following:



Please refer to the page on the RTA website (here) for further details, including potential penalties for not abiding by the laws set out.


As a school, our students’ health and safety remains our number one concern, so we urge all parents to familiarise themselves with the rules and ensure their children are compliant and, most importantly, safe. In line with the RTA’s guidelines, no e-scooters will be allowed onto the school campus.


As ever, your support and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Talented Youth Program - Virtual Info sESSION

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth will be holding a free online information session for DAA families, GR 2-12. Click the link in the PDF to register.

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Info Session Flyer - DAA.pdf


Registration for our School Bus Program with STS is still open! 

We kindly ask those interested to complete the Google Form here: https://forms.gle/AQ3Yf2XttG8CBGUB8 

Please contact Kelvin sde-daa@sts-group.com / 04 704 9755 or visit our STS representatives on campus in the main atrium for any questions or to discuss available options.

DAA Listens

At DAA we are committed to communicating effectively with our families. We believe that open communication between home and school is a vital component of our student’s success.

We are excited to continue our communication channel within our school community, DAA Listens. By scanning this QR code you will be able to share your compliments, comments or concerns directly with our Superintendent Dr Hildreth. There are 6 mailboxes located around the school, where students and parents can drop a postcard. Either method will ensure that Dr. Hildreth will receive the communication and that a member of staff will be back in touch with you quickly.

Your voice is highly valued and we look forward to listening to your feedback as we collectively seek to enhance every student’s experience at our school.

Parents & Students Cybersecurity Guide

Parents & Students Cybersecurity Guide.pdf

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