August 27, 2020

We are only a few days away from welcoming your child back to DAA!  Our teachers have been working so hard to get their classrooms and learning platforms ready to go.  I wanted to remind you about what you can expect as we start the school year.

Here's a great video reminder created by our Middle School teachers and SLT about the Do's and Don'ts of Middle School. Watch Now! 


Your child’s schedule will be emailed to the parent email on file on Friday morning (8/28).  Students will also be learning how to access the schedules on the first day of school, whether they are attending in person (Group A), or remotely (Group B and 100% remote).

For the First Day

All students should have received an email from their homeroom teacher welcoming them to class and provided a Zoom link.  This link will be used to conduct the very first meeting of the school year.

During the first class, students will go over how to access their online schedules, procedures for school, and of course fun activities to kick off the new school year!

A/B Groupings

Below you will find a visual to explain when each ‘group’ of students will be in school.  We look forward to welcoming group A students on Sunday and group B students on Tuesday on campus.   On days they are not on campus, they should login to each class to attend virtually.  Below is a reminder of what our A/B schedule will look like.  If you chose the remote learning option, please make sure your child logs in each day for their classes.


We have staggered timings to allow smaller groups of students flowing into the school.  The middle school day is now from 7:30-3:00.  

During the first week of school our schedule will be different in order to help all students acclimate to the learning environment.  Students will be spending their first two blocks with their Homeroom teacher.  You and your child will be receiving a letter from their homeroom teacher with directions on what to do on day 1. If it was not received by Thursday morning, please contact s.hole_daa@gemsedu.com who will make sure the teacher follows up with you.

Student Drop-Off

With the staggered start schedule, we are asking help from our parents to also stagger drop-off times to help keep social distance protocols in place.  Middle school students will enter through gate 3 at 7:20.  After passing through the thermal scanner, students will go directly to their first block (their homeroom teacher on day 1).  Please see the map below:



Uniforms will be worn by all students both on campus and at home. If you have PE, we ask that you come to school in your PE kit as change rooms are not accessible.  You are able to wear your PE kit throughout the day. Also, a change for the upcoming year- shoes may either be black OR white as both match our new uniform.

Technology Access

By now, all students should have access to their Gmail account.  The technology department has sent usernames and passwords for all of the learning platforms to those student gmail accounts on Thursday morning (8/27).  Students will be talking about their schedule on the first day of school with their homeroom teacher.  If you do not have access to those platforms, please contact s.hole_daa@gemsedu.com.


Please make sure of the following notes as they have changed for this school year:

Don’t forget to make an appointment at Threads for your new school uniforms! (last year’s uniforms are still acceptable for wear)

DAA Middle School Counselors

We are thrilled to have a counselor at each grade level this year!  If students need support with well-being, have an issue with their schedule, or any other counselor-related issues, please contact their counselor below:

Grade 6 - Mrs. Mira Nasr - m.nasr_daa@gemsedu.com

Grade 7 - Mrs. Pushpa Dasari - p.dasari_daa@gemsedu.com

Grade 8 - Mrs. Christina DeMers - c.demers_daa@gemsedu.com

In these changing times, please know that our teachers are doing their very best to navigate all of the issues related to COVID, technology, and the blended learning model.  We appreciate your patience and support as we work through the bumps that may arise along the way.  We are also keenly aware that families have to balance work and school as well.  We are truly excited to have the kids back in the building and working with our wonderful DAA families!

I hope you all stay well,


Justin Reynolds

Principal, DAA Middle School

key contacts

Middle School Secretary: 

Sarah Hole s.hole_daa@gemsedu.com / 04 704 9722

Middle School Attendance: 

Ariadni Nerkizoglou a.nerkizoglou_daa@Gemsedu.com / 04 704 9728

Middle School Counselors

Grade 6 - Mrs. Mira Nasr - m.nasr_daa@gemsedu.comGrade 7 - Mrs. Pushpa Dasari - p.dasari_daa@gemsedu.comGrade 8 - Mrs. Christina DeMers - c.demers_daa@gemsedu.com
MS Principal: Justin Reynoldsj.reynolds_daa@gemsedu.com
Assistant MS Principal: Maggie Moffat Baxterm.moffat1_daa@gemsedu.com
Middle School Dean of Students: Sean McGarveys.mcgarvey_daa@gemsedu.com