May 3                                   Welcome to our DAA Parent Community 


For Students, by Parents.

Dear Families, 

With all the changes that is happening since we all are back from the Spring Break, DAAPA Team hope that you all were safe & sound after the huge changes in weather & you didn’t faced big damages  .. reaching to the end of our academic year also, we are so excited, and quite sad to say GOODBYE 👋 to CLASS 2024 as they are heading to their next future adventure .. wish them all the Happiness, Success, fun, & God’s blessings 🤲🙏.

Also we are reaching to Welcome our G5 students & G8 students to their New School Divisions, where they will experience a great, successful academic & new adventures  .. we wish them all the best 💪👏🏻🙏🤲. 

Please check out our upcoming events with more information about dates & times to be shared very soon.

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Have a great weekend 


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- Teacher Appreciation Lunch

- ES Bingo Night

- G5 After School Party ( For students ONLY ) June 13th

- G8 After School Party ( For Students Only ) June 11th

- General Assembly for 24/25 DAAPA 

Leopard's den

Leopard's Den timings

Monday to Thursday: 7:20am to 8am

Friday: 11:40am to 12:20pm

Dear Parents, 

Greetings from the Leopard’s Den! We would like to inform you that we have full stock of Kangaroo Hoodies & Zipper Hoodies ( of all sizes) Pls drop by and grab yours for only 200dhs. 

Regards, The Den Team 🐆🐆🐆🐆


BOOSTER CLUB Opens every Wednesday 2:45 pm till 3:45 pm.



In the spirit of fostering cultural connections, we have created country and language groups to connect parents who share the same nationality or language within the DAA community.

Please find the below link, and note that there are a few new additions!

If you don't see your country group below, please reach out to DAAPA and we'll help you create one!


Book club: We are excited to let you know that our book club, run by Nidhi, is in full swing. In book club we discuss many great books from different genres and authors. For more info please join our WhatsApp group:

Yoga & Pilates club: We are excited to let you know that our Yoga & Pilates club, run by Romina, is in full swing. Kindly join the link below if you are interested: 

Food Network: Kindly join the link below if you are interested.


Calling all Moms and/or Dads who would like to be a part of our volunteers chat groups! Our divisions hosts several events throughout the year and it would be great to have you involved in organizing and hosting them along with the DAAPA team! 

The children absolutely love seeing you there at the events! Click on the link below to join:

Elementary Volunteer group:   

Middle School Volunteer group: 

High School Volunteer group: 


Please feel free to reach out to us at:

You can also follow us on Instagram for all DAAPA events and updates, at: