HIGH SCHOOL highlights

from high school

September 10, 2020

Back to School Night

We look forward to seeing you virtually on September 15th, starting at 5:30pm.  Our leadership team will open the night with a video showcasing the rich learning environment here at DAA. We do wish you were able to be on campus with us this year but due to KHDA requirements we are unable to do so.  

We have built a website which provides you with a list of all teachers and their corresponding zoom links, please click HERE to access the site.  Please note that teachers are adding their zoom links over the weekend, and we will send this link again on Tuesday. 

Additionally, each teacher will be emailing you and your high school child on Sunday, September 13th with the individual zoom link for your child’s class.  Your children have begun to create a schedule for you, this schedule follows their own 2-day schedule. Here is an example of what you might see below:


Counselors will be available for 10 minute appointments from 6:00pm-7:55pm. You can schedule your appointment with your son/daughter’s counselor using their youcanbookme link below. Availability for the Back to School Night appointments will open Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm. If the available time slots are full, you are welcome to schedule an appointment during the week from 7:20am-3:15pm Sun, Mon, Wed, Thur or 7:20am-2:00pm Tue.

Gr 9:  A-Z: Mrs. JoAnn Porterfield  https://jporterfielddaa.youcanbook.me  

Grades 10-12: Students are each assigned a High School Counselor based on

your their surname:

Health and Safety

Please ensure that you take your child's temperature before they come to school each day.  If a student comes to school unwell, they will need to be picked up immediately.  

Please speak to your child about the importance of social distancing. We understand it’s difficult, but it is so important for the well-being of all. 

School Photos

We are aiming to start taking school photos starting September 20th, more information is forthcoming.  Students will be asked to wear their formal DAA shirt on this day, not the red/white polo.  


CAS Introduction to Parents.pdf

High School Counseling Corner

9.9 SPOTS HS Counseling.pdf



Art electives 2020.mp4

Social Media Safety

As adults, we often feel left out of what our children are doing online. New Apps seem to appear overnight with immense popularity. Should we allow our children to take part?

I think we must ask ourselves a few questions when considering this. 

In our highly connected world, many social media platforms exist such as TIK TOK, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook. These are mostly helpful to our lives, but at times, can also be destructive. Recently, there have been some extremely graphic videos that have been circulating, and these have come to the attention of our Safeguarding Team, and we always want to ensure Social Media Safety of our students. We recommend that you regularly check-in with your children about what they are viewing through social media platforms, what they share, and what they engage with.

For further guidance or if you have any questions about social media for high school students, please click on the links below:


HS Attendance Secretary

Roma Agtarap / 04 704 9747 / r.agtarap_daa@gemsedu.com

HS Secretary to Principals

Nashmia Saleem/ 04 704 9723 / n.saleem1_daa@gemsedu.com 

HS Secretary to Counselors

Jan Evans/04 704 9831 / j.evans_daa@gemsedu.com 
Gr 9: Ms. JoAnn Porterfield A-Z https://jporterfielddaa.youcanbook.me  
Grades 10-12: Katrina Watson: A-C https://katrinawatson-4.youcanbook.me/  
Rhiana Courlander: D- Kep https://rhiana-2.youcanbook.me  
Steven Johanson: Kh-Q https://sjohanson.youcanbook.me/  
Trisha Johnson: R- Z https://mstrishajohnson.youcanbook.me/  
HS Principal: Tammy Jochinket.jochinke_daa@gemsedu.com
Assistant HS Principal: Jim Atkinsonj.atkinson_daa@gemsedu.com
Assistant HS Principal: Joshua Doubledayj.doubleday_daa@gemsedu.com
High School IB Coordinator: Katie Sheffieldk.sheffield_daa@gemsedu.com
High School Dean of Students: Lisa Fosterl.foster_daa@gemsedu.com


PowerSchool is our student information management system which houses grades and marks for middle and high school. PowerSchool Admin Team will email all MS and HS parents the access ID information for their child by early next week.