February 11, 2022

Dear Parents,

Semester two is now in full swing with several activities coming up which are outlined below. We look forward to connecting with you during our Parent Teacher Conferences for Semester two on March 14th, 15th and 16th through zoom.  

Looking ahead to 2022-2023

In the early weeks of this semester we are focusing our efforts on supporting our grade 8 through 11 students in their course selection process next year.  Thank you to all of you who were able to make the grade level pathway evening sessions this week, we had over 450 families join over the four evenings. All materials, including the recording of the session will be available shortly. 

Following our pathways evenings, our counselors are hosting planning nights starting next week. Each session will target a different grade level and give another opportunity for parents and students to learn more about our courses, pathways and engage in discourse on how best to plan the journey to graduation and ultimately to university/career success.  

We thank you for your commitment to your students as always.

Enjoy your weekend,

Tammy Jochinke

High School Principal

core corner

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cas student spotlight

winter map testing

Students in Grade 9 and 10 have now completed week two of MAP testing. This means that most students have now completed their Math MAP tests and English Reading MAP tests along with a session of Science MAP. Those students who are not able to complete their test in class will receive a notification of times where students can complete their tests. It is very important that students attend these make-up sessions as all tests have a two week window of completion.

MAP and its impact on subject recommendations

MAP is an external benchmark for us as educators to determine a students attainment and progress in English (Language usage and Reading), Math and Science. As these assessments are aligned with the standards which form our taught curriculum, they provide insight into how well our students are advancing across the year. 

Course recommendations for next year take MAP scores form part of the criteria to which recommendations are given. For example, if a student is consistently scoring in the highest percentiles in English, this would indicate that they might be ready for AP Language and Composition or HL IB English courses. 

For more information about MAP tests, please visit: https://www.nwea.org/map-growth/ 

season 3 sports

Students in high school are reminded that Season 3 sports try-outs are beginning on Monday February 28th. The season will last until April 23rd. We encourage students to try out as research shows there is so much value to being a part of a team sport.

2022 - 23 subject selection

It was a pleasure to speak with many of you during the Pathways to Graduation and Subject Selection Q&A sessions. A follow up email containing links to the course selection resources, session recordings, and responses to questions submitted through the Google Form will be shared with parents and students shortly. You may also refer to the Subject Selection Website, which contains links to subject selection presentations for each grade level, the 2022/23 Program of Studies, video course overviews, and many other useful resources.

Subject Selection Timeline:

Please contact me at a.szar_daa@gemsedu.com should you have general subject selection questions. Student specific questions should be directed to your child’s counselor. Appointments can be scheduled through counselors booking links found on the HS HUB. Kindly note that we request that parent appointments are scheduled with your child present, and occur outside of the student's scheduled class times.

high school counseling

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Seniors! Have you registered for the alumni APP?  Remember to stay connected beyond DAA using the app.  Here's a link to register for an upcoming session.   Register for the alumni webinar HERE.


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