February 18, 2021



We are always committed to acting on parent feedback.   This week, we share with you a first in a series of  videos as we look at the most recent GEMS Parent Survey and delve into each performance quadrant.  This week, we discuss "Student Voice"!

need to know

The KHDA Parents’ Survey, #BecauseYouSaidSo, is open now until Thursday, February 18th. If you have not yet filled it out please use this link to complete it now. 

covid-19 Updates

Image Credit: KHDA/ Twitter
Image Credit: KHDA/ Twitter
Image Credit: KHDA/ Twitter
Image Credit: KHDA/ Twitter

The time is now for all of us to act responsibly, and do what we can to protect and ensure the health and safety of our community. #WeAreAllResponsible #Inthistogether 

A few members of our Front of House Team also completed their second dose of vaccinations and received their "I Chose to Vaccinate" pin. 

Feb. 21st Parent Session

Inclusion, EAL & Counseling Services at DAA

Join Zoom Meetinghttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/5154397406?pwd=NWJOM1lmVC9udEFBZkUrdHA1NXZjdz09
Meeting ID: 515 439 7406Passcode: 530642

Join us on February 21st to gain insight on our student support services at DAA.   The presentation will provide an overview of our Inclusion program, our English as an Additional Language Program and Counseling Services at DAA.  

Our preferred virtual medium for the session is Zoom as it provides more interactivity with our parents. However, please note that the current capacity on Zoom will be limited to 100 participants.  We apologize in advance if the session becomes full.  However, rest assured that the session will be recorded and shared with our families in an upcoming SPOTS Newsletter.   We will consider alternative mediums for future sessions if the demand for attendance exceeds 100. Thank you for your understanding.

Our team is dedicated to offering coffee mornings for parents based on topics of interest.  If you have a suggestion for an upcoming parent session, please send your feedback to Ms. Hilda Tabrizi pre_daa@gemsedu.com.

Parent Engagement - Community connections 

More than ever, keeping our  families connected is a priority.  Joining a new school is always stressful.  Joining a new school in a pandemic, amplifies the challenges.  That is why we have re-launched our Parent Connect Program at DAA.  Thank you to the many supportive parents who have already submitted their details.  

If you are a current DAA parent and wish to help our new joiners feel welcome, we encourage you to submit your interest by filling out this form


International Mother Language Day  is coming up on February 21st.   We though it would be most fitting to share with you this incredible performance by one of our senior students, Pashin Goyal singing Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" in 4 languages. Starting formal training only last year, Pashin is of Indian origin and born and brought up in Switzerland and fortunate to have been exposed to many languages. What a wonderful rendition of 'Perfect" a multi-lingual version of the song in four languages including English, Hindi, Italian and Spanish.  Enjoy!



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