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December 9 2021

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To all Leopards,


We would like to take this opportunity. Thank you to all those students, activity leaders and ESM providers for an excellent first term of activities. It was great to see students participating in after school activities. This past Tuesday December 7th we hosted an Activities Fair to begin informing parents of upcoming Elementary School activities for Term 2, as well as those activities with ESM 3rd party providers. For more information please click on the following link:


More information on the entire program will be sent to parents upon our return to school on January 2nd. Please find below a timeline


January 4th – Activities Fair (07:30-08:30)

January 4th – registration will start at 20:00

January 12th – registration will close at 09:00

January 16th – start of activities

March 24th – end of activities


Parents are reminded the registration for these activities is through the ESM portal, where a profile must be created and instructions to create that profile are here.


Finally we will be working closely with ESM to provide family sporting experiences throughout the New Year, please find the schedule here. You can register through the website.


We hope you have a great holiday and enjoy time with your family.


We look forward to you getting involved in a great program.

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