February 4, 2021



Meet our incredible Health Clinic Team and hear from Mrs. Murphy and Dr. Kandil about the protocols for contact tracing. 

need to know

Cast, crew and our band have worked incredibly hard for weeks perfecting the show.  Now in performance and production stage , the full show will be shared with our community soon so stay tuned! 

covid-19 Updates

Image Credit: KHDA/ Twitter
Image Credit: KHDA/ Twitter
Image Credit: KHDA/ Twitter
Image Credit: KHDA/ Twitter
Image Credit: KHDA/ Twitter

Our DAA Superintendent/CEO Mrs. Tammy Murphy is leading by example. This week, she received her first dose of the vaccination to help curb the spread of COVID-19. The time is now for all of us to act responsibly, and do what we can to protect and ensure the health and safety of our community. #WeAreAllResponsible #Inthistogether 

We are in full support of the UAE Government’s vaccination campaign and encourage our community to receive the vaccine if they are able to. Please review the COVID-19 Vaccine Guide developed by Dubai Health Authority for questions you might have about the vaccine. The Guide is available in both English and Arabic for your reference.

Staff members proudly receiving their "I chose to Vaccinate" Pin from Ms. Murphy this week. 

Reminders from our Operations Team

Thermal Scanner Entry Points

A kind reminder to please adhere to the designated locations for entry into school. All staff, students and visitors entering the campus must proceed through the Thermal Scanner before entering.  Thank you for helping to keep our community safe. 

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, we recognize the parents are having to wait outside the gates until they are open for afternoon pickup.   We ask that while waiting for the gates to open, please be mindful of social distancing rules, and ensure that you have your mask on and worn properly at all times.  Finally, we ask that parents, guardians and drivers refrain from smoking near the campus gates.  Please relay this message to those in your household who pick up your children.  

Parent Engagement - Community connections 

More than ever, keeping our  families connected is a priority.  Joining a new school is always stressful.  Joining a new school in a pandemic, amplifies the challenges.  That is why we are re-launching our Parent Connect Program at DAA.   

Parents, we need you!  Do you enjoy meeting new people?  Would you like to volunteer your time to help our new joiners feel welcome?  Do you want to meet families from your home country or help your kids establish friendships in these difficult times?  

We are continuing to build our database of parents who are interested in taking part in our Parent Connect program. There is no mandatory time commitment.  If you are willing to meet a new family to DAA, please fill out this form

Join Zoom Meetinghttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/5154397406?pwd=NWJOM1lmVC9udEFBZkUrdHA1NXZjdz09
Meeting ID: 515 439 7406Passcode: 530642

Join us on February 21st to gain insight on our student support services at DAA.   The presentation will provide an overview of our Inclusion program, our English as an Additional Language Program and Counseling Services at DAA.  

Our preferred virtual medium for the session is Zoom as it provides more interactivity with our parents. However, please note that the current capacity on Zoom will be limited to 100 participants.  We apologize in advance if the session becomes full.  However, rest assured that the session will be recorded and shared with our families in an upcoming SPOTS Newsletter.   We will consider alternative mediums for future sessions if the demand for attendance exceeds 100. Thank you for your understanding.

Our team is dedicated to offering coffee mornings for parents based on topics of interest.  If you have a suggestion for an upcoming parent session, please send your feedback to Ms. Hilda Tabrizi pre_daa@gemsedu.com.

DAA Welcome Packet 

Click here to Access. 

KHDA Parents' Survey

The KHDA Parents’ Survey, #BecauseYouSaidSo, is open now until Thursday, February 11. It takes just 10 minutes to complete. Many parents in Dubai have already received a link to the survey by email. If you have not yet filled it out please use this link to complete it now. 

From EXPO School Programme Team

As we welcome this new and promising year, Expo 2020 Dubai and the Expo School Programme want to ensure you are equipped with the experiences to make 2021 truly unforgettable. 

From 22 January to 10 April, we invite the general public to experience a taster of Expo 2020, with our Pavilions Premiere opening Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion.


Then in February we celebrate Innovation Month with the re-launch of our Expo Champions and an in-class workshop for Expo Young Innovators, as we help build our future inventors!


For more information and registration, please see the Newsletter in English and Arabic. 


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