Slices, our catering service provider offers lunch options for students. A cashless system is implemented on campus. You can register your child for a Slices account by visiting

Parents of students in Elementary (Grades KG - 5) will use an online ordering system and the food will be delivered to the students in their classroom.

Students in Middle (G.6-8) and High School (G.9-12) will also be able to purchase from the Slices Canteen using a cashless system. Buffet and live stations for food are currently suspended. Slices will be offering pre-packed items for consumption.

For more guidance on Slices, including contact information please find the links below:

Slices - Elementary Parent Guide (K-5)

Slices - Middle/High School Parent Guide (G.6-12)

Questions can be directed to or by calling Ms. Shevine at 054 792 7509

Technical issues can be processed through the Slices Support ticket page: