June 9, 2023



For Our Wonderful DAAPA Parents

at Dubai American Academy


You inspire us!


To our students and staff you bring brilliant light,

We feel your unwavering support, day and night.

At Dubai American Academy, you encourage us all,

Bringing joy to the Leopards, answering our call.


Through seasons of the year, you're always there,

With loving smiles and tremendous care.

Your dedication shines like a beacon bright,

Inspiring our spirits, filling hearts with delight.


In our children’s journey of growth and discovery,

You help celebrate every step, an anchor steady.

With heartfelt gratitude, we now convey,

Great thanks, dear Parents, who brighten the way.


Your care and support are gifts we dearly treasure,

Our gratitude for all that you do knows no measure.

Your beauty and heart bring us joyful jubilee,

We love you, Parents of Dubai American Academy.

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