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May 21 2022

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To all Leopards,

It has certainly been a great sporting year here at DAA, and it was great to be able to return to school sport. All student athletes and coaches were amazing. Your enthusiasm and dedication is definitely appreciated by the Athletics and Activities Department.


The first International School competition for the Leopards since February 2020 took place the weekend of April 15-16. Teams participated in Baseball, Badminton, Softball, Track and Field.  It was great to be able to return to play with some of our MESAC community. Lots of great memories were made, and we look forward to further events like these in the future that will help complement our program.

We look forward to the school year 2022-2023 where MESAC and our other sporting associations make a full return.

The Athletics and Activities Department would like to cordially invite those student-athletes and parents from Season 2 and 3 to the Athletic & Activities Awards Evening. These evenings will be on the following day and times

High School Athletics & Activities Awards Evening

Monday May 23rd from 5pm-6:30pm

Middle School Athletics & Activities Awards Evening

Tuesday May 24th from 5pm-6:30pm

Please be aware that during the final term of school from April to June, DAA does not offer any teacher led activity, all activities are provided through ESM. Their activity program will run through Friday, June 17th. Please find below all the important information regarding the activity program at If there are any questions please contact Yasmine Cooper, our ESM Representative (

ESM Brochure, Portal and Timetable

And as always please see important information for all parents and students.

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We look forward to you getting involved in a great program.

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