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February 25, 2022

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To all Leopards,

With Season 2 winding down, lots of great action as our Middle School teams finished their season on a high note with 5 teams winning their last games, and our Middle & High School Cross Country team taking part in the ASD Relays. Here are some more great pictures of our Leopards in action.

We are gearing up to start Season 3. Registration for Season 3 athletics teams are now open. Secondary school students have the opportunity to participate in the following sports: baseball, softball, track and field and badminton. Getting involved in a sports team helps develop several valuable qualities such as; accountability, commitment, team work and school spirit. Come out and join a team.

Please find below the registration forms and QR codes

MS Badminton                                  MS Track and Field

HS Badminton                                   HS Baseball

HS Track & Field                                HS Softball

Try-outs for High School teams begin February 28th and for Middle School teams on March 7th. After team selections respective team coaches will post a practice schedule and an event schedule will then be released.

And as always please see important information for all parents and students.

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DAA KG2 – Grade 5 Activities Program

ESM Brochure, Portal and Timetable

ESM Family Active Program

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We look forward to you getting involved in a great program.

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