January 21 2021

Dear DAA Middle School Families,

Over the last couple of weeks, we have started to implement DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) once a week during our Transformation and Discovery class.  Students are able to bring a book of their choice to read.  Research tells us that the best way to continue to improve reading is to simply read!  To help us reinforce good reading habits, we encourage you to ask your child what they’re reading. Also, share what you enjoy reading with them to pique their interest!

As we wind down the semester, students and teachers are busy with projects, exams, and grading. Please make sure your students are turning in any outstanding assignments as teachers are calculating term grades.  If you have any questions, our awesome teachers will be happy to help.

We understand that families are wanting to exercise caution as we begin school again.  If you decide that remote learning is appropriate for your family circumstance, we ask that you commit to a two-week minimum so we can ensure smooth continuity of our academic program. Simply email me at j.reynolds_daa@gemsedu.com and we’ll work out the details.

Athletics are back at DAA!  We are so excited to be able to offer athletics again!  Information regarding signups came from our Athletic Director, Scott Hibbard (s.hibbard_daa@gemsedu.com).  If you have any questions about the specifics around your child’s schedule, please feel free to reach out to him. Here is a brief summary of the schedule at each division.

We are so proud of Junwon (G8), who serenaded our families as they came into the building on a recent “Tuneful Tuesdays”.  Check out the video here!   If you would like to find out more, click here!

Check out some of our students utilizing the commons area!  Teachers send kids out to work collaboratively or just to get a change of scenery during lessons. Our students do a great job of working hard in this space and make sure to follow our safety guidelines as well.  We appreciate our students’ and teachers’ diligence in staying safe and having a positive learning experience as well!

Grade 8 math has tried to change the scenery a bit during a lesson on having an open and flexible mind.

Our students are being given some math activities which get them out of their seats, but still socially distanced. 

The Middle School Arabic Department is proud to announce that the four MS Native Arabic students listed below took part in the CHEVRON'S Readers’ Cup on Wednesday. They read 3 books in Arabic of 200 pages each and answered questions related to them. All of the students received a certificate for participating in the competition. They did really well and enjoyed the competition very much! Well done, guys!! 

What’s Happening at DAA?

January 24 marks the start of week 1. We will see our A group on that day.  Below is the Middle School A/B Schedule:

Upcoming Dates:

I hope you all stay well,

I hope you all stay well,

Justin ReynoldsPrincipal, DAA Middle School

Counselors Corner

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We are in the final weeks of rehearsing and close to starting film production for the 2021 MS/HS musical production ‘Mask-i-cal’. The cast and band have been working tirelessly during rehearsals and have now come together to perform. We also have a large crew on board. The painting crew have made large scale murals that are on display at the tennis courts. The props and costumes crew have have been sewing, painting and constructing every workshop. Finally the tech and publicity crew have been making posters, logos, and behind the scenes footage. Ahmed and Zahaan, both grade 6 students, have made two behind the scenes video to give everyone a little taste of what is to come. The Mask-i-cal will be screened live on Youtube soon. Stay tuned for more details. 


key contacts

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Sarah Hole s.hole_daa@gemsedu.com / 04 704 9722

Middle School Attendance: 

msattendance_daa@gemsedu.com / 04 704 9728

Middle School Counselors

Grade 6 - Mrs. Mira Nasr - m.nasr_daa@gemsedu.comGrade 7 - Mrs. Pushpa Dasari - p.dasari_daa@gemsedu.comGrade 8 - Mrs. Christina DeMers - c.demers_daa@gemsedu.com
MS Principal: Justin Reynoldsj.reynolds_daa@gemsedu.com
Assistant MS Principal: Maggie Moffat Baxterm.moffat1_daa@gemsedu.com
Middle School Dean of Students: Sean McGarveys.mcgarvey_daa@gemsedu.com