April 14, 2023

News from our Head of Teaching, Learning and Innovation: Ms. Tammy Jochinke

DAA Parent Information Session: ChatGPT

Spring NESA Summit

17 teachers and leaders attended the NESA Spring Summit at ASD March 17th-18th. We attended diverse workshops, panels, plenaries and imagined next steps for DAA.

Arabic Lab-sites at DAA- first time ever! 

A HUGE thank you to Beth Swartz (grade 5 homeroom teacher) and Dr. Stephenie Miller (HS English teacher,  librarian and HS Literacy activator) for hosting our first ever literacy lab sites for our Arabic teachers. Beth hosted our K-5 Arabic teachers and Stephenie, our 6-12 Arabic teachers. The purpose was to see literacy in action as they continue to drive literacy instruction into their planning and preparation.

We are so proud of our team and have already seen great progress in our Arabic students' progress and attainment.