September 22nd                          Welcome to our DAA Parent Community 


For Students, by Parents.

Dear all parents,

We are so excited to have a fun year full of celebrations, and exciting events. 

New or returning families, if you wish to get involved please send an email to 

#DAAPA #Togetherwecan

Proud parents

Class of 2024 Senior Parents 

The proud parents of the class of 2024 had their first breakfast gathering. Enthusiastic Moms are busy planning events to make this year a memorable and special year for their hard working Senior students. 

Stay tuned throughout the year for more parent events!! 

Fun, Fun, Fun



Saturday, 23rd September 2023, 7:00pm - 10pm

It's almost time for Wild Wadi Night! 

It's not too late to join, tickets will be on sale at Wild Wadi Entrance (6-7pm). 


Book club: We are excited to let you know that our book club, run by Autumn, is in full swing. In book club we discuss many great books from different genres and authors. For more info please join our WhatsApp group

Book: The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese

Location: Culinary Boutique, Galleria Barsha

Time: Monday, October 2nd, 8am

Yoga & Pilates club: Kindly join the link below if you are interested. 

Food Network: Kindly join the link below if you are interested.

leopard'S den

Leopard's Den is our School’s Spirit Store which, as a part of DAAPA, supports student led initiatives and events run by the parent association throughout the academic year.


* It sells merchandise like DAA Hoodies, Color House T-shirts, Mesac sports wear, Baseball Caps, Sports bags, tattoos,etc. (but not uniforms) to students.


*It is located on the ground floor (next to the Piano in the Atrium);


*It is open twice a day every weekday (Monday- Friday) except holidays.

We are having a HUGE SALE on string sports bags for Athletics next week at the Leopard's Den. Get yours for as low as AED 50! 



The Den Team




Calling all Moms and/or Dads who would like to be a part of our volunteers chat groups! Our divisions hosts several events throughout the year and it would be great to have you involved in organizing and hosting them along with the DAAPA team! 

The children absolutely love seeing you there at the events! Click on the link below to join:

Elementary Volunteer group:   

Middle School Volunteer group: 

High School Volunteer group: 

country and language groups

In the spirit of fostering cultural connections, we have created country and language groups to connect parents who share the same nationality or language within the DAA community.

Please find the below link, and note that there are a few new additions!

If you don't see your country group below, please reach out to DAAPA and we'll help you create one!


Please feel free to reach out to us at:

You can also follow us on Instagram for all DAAPA events and updates, at: