February 25, 2022

Dear Elementary Families,

Thank you for another great week trusting us with your children!

As we approach the end of February I thought I would share with you, through photos, what we have been working on as educators over this past term to ensure that learning for our students continues to be relevant and forward thinking. In the past week we have had presentations from innovators and creators at Google and Apple come and inspire us with their experiences and insight into the world around us. What I have particularly taken away from these presentations is that our students, through our process-driven learning of the future fluencies, and our focus on inquiry, innovation, integrity and interconnectedness (i3) are engaged with the skills and mindset to be successful in our ever changing world.

As educators it is important that we model for students what it means to be a learner, and as a school we have been committed to on-going professional learning not being the exception, but the norm.

Finally, given the events of the past two days in Europe we are very mindful that the news may stir questions and anxiety for some students. Our staff, and particularly our counsellors, are aware and ready to support as needed. Our thoughts are with all those impacted.

Have a wonderful weekend.  


Craig Cantlie

Executive Principal, Elementary

KG1 Learning

This week our KG1 students attended their PRIDE Assembly and celebrated 100 days of learning

KG2 Learning

Quote of the week:  The soul is healed by being with children - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The children were really excited to celebrate 100 days of school and Valentine’s day on February 14th. We did several art and craft activities to celebrate the occasions. The children made cards for their parents, friends and teachers. They used their skills to write adorable messages for each other. The children were able to talk and present their 100 days projects confidently! 😊 They had a wonderful time participating in Funtasia. This event encouraged team building and cooperation.


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