January 14, 2022

Dear Elementary Families,

We were thrilled to begin to welcome our students back on campus this week. As I was standing by the early years entrance on Wednesday morning, I could not help but smile as the students walked, ran and skipped their way through the temperature check and onto the classrooms. Their joy for returning to school was evident!

On Monday we will welcome all our students back, and life in our building will return. Of course we will continue to follow all our health and safety protocols and reinforcing with your child the messaging regarding mask wearing and social distancing at school is greatly appreciated. During Monday afternoon dismissal, we also appreciate your support in a quick pick-up and departure from the campus. As we fully return, it is important that we mindfully do our part to keep our community healthy.

Term 2 is always an exciting one at our school as our students delve into some interesting inquiries:

KG1 will be inquiring into the concept of change in both the natural and man-made world. They will explore the needs of living and non-living things, life cycles and the man-made changes we see around us.

KG2 will be diving into an exploration where they will investigate the power of maps to solve problems and represent knowledge. Connected to this inquiry will be an investigation into weather patterns and how maps help humans understand and navigate the world.

Grade 1 will also be inquiring into patterns but within the sphere of the sun, moon and stars. This inquiry will include prediction and impact of those patterns on our lives. 

Grade 2 will be inquiring into the function of an economy and the social impact on its citizens. This is definitely one of the highlight units that grade 2 students engage in each year.

Grade 3 will be inquiring into how geographic features of the earth’s surface influences the culture of human settlement. The unit includes an investigation of how humans utilize the environment to meet our needs.

Grade 4 will be inquiring into the functions and components of sustainable cities and how they are planned, designed and created. 

Grade 5 will be inquiring into the concept of harmony through an examination of the earth’s systems and the interconnected relationships within ecosystems. Within this unit, the students will further build on their grade 4 understanding and application of sustainability for the benefit of the globe. This will culminate in an Outdoor Education experience in March for our students on Sir Bani Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

I share this Term 2 kick-off of learning with you because, though COVID continues to be at the forefront of the news, we continue moving forward as a school. We are moving forward with learning that encompasses real-world experiences, learning that is transdisciplinary, learning that is conceptual and transferable to other situations, and learning that not only develops content knowledge but also the critical thinking, communication and creativity skills that will ensure your children have the superpowers they need to be successful in an ever changing world. 

As always, thank you for your continued support of our school. We look forward to welcoming our walking, running and skipping children (and adults) back to campus on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Craig Cantlie

Executive Principal, Elementary

New E-book platform from our library

KG2 Learning

This week our students were so happy to be back on campus! 

During Literacy lessons, children practiced writing letters in their Handwriting books. They also focused on sight words and word families. Children made puzzles with the word family “ap”. 

They also designed maps during inquiry lessons and it was fun to play outside with friends. 


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