March 4, 2021

Dear Elementary Families,

Welcome to March!

It has been a fantastic week and we have a busy month ahead as we delve into March into Reading, Virtual Sports Day, Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences, Creative Writing Week and so much more. Here are some March highlights:

Once Upon a Wednesday - Our Mystery Reader Series

This week was our first Once Upon a Wednesday. The mystery reader will be unveiled on Sunday. Who do you think it is?


Virtual Sports Day

Given our COVID-19 restrictions, we are not able to host our traditional Sports Day but our PE department has been undeterred by this barrier and have created what is going to be an incredible event for our students.  You can read all about it here in SPOTS but we are looking forward to an epic event later this month.

From your ES PE Team:

What happened in 2020?  The DAA ES PE Sports Days!  What didn't happen in 2020?  The Summer Olympics...but the Olympics are going to happen in 2021, and so are the DAA ES PE Sports Days!  
2020 has taught us how to be creative and resilient, and it's no different in PE.  So while this year's ES PE Sports Days will not look like our traditional event, they will be held - with a twist...  We will be running virtual activities for our home learners, as well as games competitions for our in person learners.  This will take place over a two week period, during our PE classes.  The Opening Ceremony will happen on Sunday, March 14th, and among other announcements it will feature a message from a real Olympian!  The Closing Ceremony will be on Thursday, March 25th (the day before Spring Break).  On the Opening and Closing Ceremony All the PE classes in between will be when the activities take place.  Your child will have been placed on either the Blue Team or the Red Team.  We ask that all students wear their team color shirt (ON THEIR PE DAY ONLY).  We are mindful that this event falls during March Reading Month, so be sure to know your child's schedule! :)
So let's get excited for a new event, so we can all stay active, display our fitness skills, and have fun!

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

On Sunday morning you will receive an email to book your conference time on March 17 and/or March 18.

This term our conferences are student-led and our students are now preparing their formal presentations for you of their achievements in learning, as well as where they know they need to focus going forward. Your conference will be yourself, your child and your teacher in what is always a powerful way of using the school-home partnership to foster student success.

You will receive specific information about your child’s conference from your child’s teacher.

Today you will have received an email with videos from our Art, Music and PE teachers. These are meant to provide you with the Term 2 information you would gain in conferences. Should you still wish to speak to the teachers, the option to conference is still available. 

PLEASE REMEMBER: students are not in school on March 17 and 18 and all conferences will be virtual.

MAP Testing

As you know the students were engaged in MAP testing the last few weeks and our testing period has come to an end. Our next step is that our classroom teachers will be goal setting with students until the end of next week and we will be sending your child’s results to you on Sunday, March 14. This is different from Middle and High School which will be sent to parents this upcoming Sunday. 

We hope you have an excellent weekend ahead!


Craig Cantlie

Executive Principal, Elementary 

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