DHA Travel Declaration

Dear Parents,

In order to ensure the continuous wellbeing of the School community (Students/Staff/Parents), as per the current prevention and control policy of COVID-19, Dubai Health Authority requires you to provide information regarding history of travel. Please report and update regularly in case of travel.


  • The form will ask you to enter the "school email". Please enter traveldeclaration_daa@Gemsedu.com in that field.

  • All students and staff who have returned from travel abroad require a negative PCR test with a 48-hour validity, in order to resume learning/working at school.

  • Students who do not have a negative PCR test result with a 48-hour validity will be required to access distance learning for 10days from their arrival date.

  • Students who would like to resume on-campus learning without completing their 10-day quarantine should produce a negative PCR test.

Additionally, please note that PCR test results are valid for 48 hours only from the date of result. The PCR test may be completed at Dubai airport or any approved DHA facility within the emirate.

  • If there is any history of travel of any members of the family or anyone living in the same accommodation as the student, please fill this information in the "Other Notes" field.

  • Please report and update regularly if you have a change in your status as the link will be continuously available.

Please complete the declaration now using the following link:


We are all responsible and we trust that our community will do its best to curb the virus in order to have a successful academic year ahead.


Dubai American Academy