May 30, 2019

Letter from the Middle School Principal

Dear Parents

It is just over one month until the end of this school year which will finish on Thursday 27 June at 12:00pm. MAP testing continues when students return to school on 9 June and it is important that students remain fully engaged in their learning until the end of the term. Reports will be sent home during the last week of term.

We are busy planning ahead for the next academic year. All returning students who have re-enrolled should have completed their elective options and a student survey about who they work effectively with. As previously highlighted, we are also working on placements to ensure students are placed in classes that provide an optimal learning environment based on their needs. If you have any concerns in respect of your child’s placement, please contact a member of our wellbeing team.

Counselor Grade 6 & Grade 7 Ms. Mira Nasr

Counsellor Grade 7 & Grade 8 Mr. Frank Becvar

Dean of Students Mr. Scott Macdonald

The Grade 8 completion ceremony is scheduled for 20 June with details sent home earlier this month via email. If you did not receive the information outlining details about the ceremony or the letter from DAAPA about the celebration party, please contact Ms. Helen Eleftheriou, in the Middle School Office. Parents should have received the official invitation and we ask all parents to RSVP by Sunday 09 June. Each student is allocated two guest places for the ceremony. If we have additional seats available these will be allocated to those on the waiting list who have requested to bring an additional guest. Grade 8 students who ordered the T-shirt these will be available after Eid break.

School will resume on Sunday 9 June. Class times will return to normal 7:40am – 2:55pm. Can I kindly reiterate the importance of students being on time for school every day. When students are repeatedly late, learning is impacted both their own and that of their peers due to the constant disruption as students arrive late to lessons. Students are expected to be in their Period 1 class with all required materials at 7:40am promptly; lessons commence at the conclusion of the National Anthem.

Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to meet many of you or speak with you by phone. We greatly appreciate your feedback as we continue to strive to offer a learning program which both challenges and supports our students. I highly encourage you to complete the GEMS Education Parent Survey 2019 if you have not already done so.

The Eid break provides an opportunity to spend additional time with family and friends. For all in the community who celebrate the season we wish you Eid Mubarak.

Kind regards


Learning Highlights and Celebrations

In Social Studies, Grade 8’s are completing their final summative project of the year:

Kalinnoh, Leta Loupesouth, New Mars, and the National Solitary Commandant States (NSCS). These are just a few of the countries that students have been creating this week in Social Studies. We have spent the past few days creating countries that represent our own unique form of government, define what we think a successful economic system looks like, and considering what the most important rights are for our citizens to have. Students presented their countries to the rest of the class at the end of the week. Who will be chosen as the next member country of the United Nations? Stay tuned.

Using Scratch, students created optical illusion digital art. They took the drawings they made, imported them into the scratch program and then added a photo. Students had to put in a code to make their photo move around!


The school year is quickly coming to an end and all library books will need to be returned by Thursday, June 13th. It is important that books are returned to clear your account of all items. If the book has been lost, you will need to pay for it. The sooner this is taken care of the better. Please note there will be no more checkout as of Thursday, June 13th.


The DAA MS Drama department will be holding a Theatre Festival on June 13th 2019. Our Theatre Festival will start directly after school at 3:00pm. The festival will be presented in two Acts and will see students from each Drama Class present a short whole class play. We look forward to sharing our work with you on this afternoon. All DAA students and families are invited to attend the performances.

Accessing your Child's Grades

Accessing your child's grades: A view of all proficiency levels have been added to the PowerSchool Unified Classroom gradebook and continue to be updated by Middle School teachers as students continue to progress through their units of learning. Instructions on how to view your child’s grades on PowerSchool Unified Classroom can be found here (04:25).

House Color Points

Dates to Remember

Dates to remember:

May 12th - June 19th MAP Testing - Schedule linked HERE

June 2nd -6th Eid Al Fitr (no classes)

June 9th School resumes with regular hours

June 12th - 18th MS Art and Design Exhibition

June 13th MS Theatre Festival

June 20th Grade 8 Completion Ceremony

June 27th Last day of school - 12.00pm Dismissal


Lisa Hewitt, Aimee Fleming and Scott MacDonald

Middle School Leadership Team

key contacts

Middle School Secretary: Sarah Hole s.hole_daa@gemsedu.com / 04 704 9722

Middle School Attendance: Helen Eleftheriou h.eleftheriou_daa@gemsedu.com 04 704 9728