HIGH SCHOOL highlights


November 29, 2018

Dear HS Parents and Students,

Again a very busy week in the High School. A special thanks to the students and staff who were involved in the organization of our Martyrs day commemoration as well as our National Day festivities. We were able to gather the entire High School and Middle School in the Gym on Tuesday for an assembly. Wednesday the celebrations moved outside where the entire school community was able to participate. Thursday saw a solemn raising of the flag followed by a minute of silence to commemorate Martyrs Day. A huge amount of time and effort went in the planning of these events. A huge thank you to those involved.

Next week is short but very busy.

A few things to keep in mind.

December 5th IB Changes Info Coffee Morning 8:00am-10:00 am in the Auditorium

Please come and meet with our IB Coordinator, Mr. Atkinson, as he goes over some important changes to IB English and Math. Some information with regards to the possibility of a new course, IB Global Politics, coming to DAA. These changes will start when our current grade 10 students start their IB program and Grade 10 parents are encouraged to attend. Of course, all parents are more than welcome and are also encouraged to attend.

High School Arts

Dec 5th - The Crucible (Play): 5.45 pm, Auditorium

Dec 5th - ECHOES (Concert): 7.30 pm, Lobby (g/f). Free entry

Dec 6th - The Crucible (Play): 3:30 pm, Auditorium

Smoking, Vaping, etc

We would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that any type of smoking is not legal in the UAE for minors and that it is prohibited from the school campus. Any student who is caught smoking at school or with any smoking paraphernalia will be suspended and a letter with go in their permanent files. Please have a serious conversation with your children with regards to the dangers and health risk associated with this activity.


We have a few concerns with regards to the the standard of dress for a minority of students. The main concerns are:

  • Short Skirts - Girls skirts must be knee length.
  • No Ties or scarves
  • Non Threads Pants
  • Non-DAA Sweaters
  • The blue uniform shirt must be worn under sweaters with the collar visible.

Starting on Tuesday any student who is not dressed in appropriate uniform will need to call home and have the proper items sent to school. Please ensure that over the long weekend any missing uniform items are purchased at Threads. We have called Threads and they will be open Saturday, Sunday and Monday over the long weekend. Please ensure that all students are ready to start school next Tuesday in approved uniform.

We hope you have a restful long weekend and are able to spend some quality time with family and friends.


Marc Starr and Tammy Jochinke,

High School Administration.

grade 10 history

Grade 10 History Remembrance Day Activity

November 11th, 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of Remembrance Day and the end of World War I. To commemorate this meaningful date, all Grade 10 History students completed an inquiry-based assignment to explore the various impacts that World War I has had on human history. Each Grade 10 History class created a museum-style display to educate students and staff about the many impacts of World War I.

Below is a student reflection about the activity completed by Malak Belal, Alexe Lambrecht, Paranita Manikandan, Lisa Baffoe Bonnie, and Tanya Nanda.

The Remembrance Day activity consisted of the different history classes having to make a poster or arrangement of information having to do with a theme which has relevance to Remembrance Day. Our class with Mr. Stewart had the theme of ‘Peace and the Treaty of Versailles’. There were different groups in the class who chose different subtopics of that theme. Our subtopic was the ‘Main Clauses of The Treaty of Versailles’. Learning more about this topic in our preferred groups gave us more insight into leading causes of World War 1 and also the competition between the countries. A lot of the articles and their clauses were related to the weakening of German strength which obviously upset them, leading to unwanted future events, and most importantly, it played a major role in causing World War 2.

We believe this activity was important to provide us with more knowledge on how significant this day was and what was better is that this year was its 100th Anniversary, making it all the more important to be aware of. Learning from past mistakes is what makes history important. When seeing what did and didn’t work in the past, we can then improve ourselves and our technology for the future, an example being the great advancement of medical technology from then to now. The competition between the countries has given us the chance to see and learn from our country’s mistakes, and has led to the peace of the world today.

drama and Music

IB Chief Theatre Examiner leads workshops in HS Theatre Classes

This week, all HS Drama students took part in theatre workshops with Ms. Fenella Kelly: Chief IB Theatre Examiner, IB Curriculum Contributor and ISTA Artist. Fenella was extremely impressed with our students’ skills of creativity and collaboration. Ms. Kelly is one of the only Western artists to train in the art from of Kathakali from Kerala, India and shared her love for the theatre form with our students. Fenella will also be working with our students in Vietnam in January along with HS Theatre Teacher, Mr. Downey. A review of IB Theatre was also undertaken by Mr. Downey with Ms. Kelly.

Free Drama Workshops with London West End Professional

On Dec. 8 (Saturday), a professional actor from London who is a movement and stage combat specialist (Lawrence Carmichael) will visit DAA to lead two workshops. IB Theatre students must select one workshop (or two if you'd like). How and ever, as we have 20 places for each workshop, if other interested students wish to partake in the classes, you may sign up HERE You receive CAS hours as always. The sessions are supervised by Mr. Downey. They will take place in the Black Box (F 07). If you want to do both, please bring a packed lunch. The workshops are FREE of charge for DAA students. Please wear comfortable clothing for movement.

9am- 12 Midday: "In yer face" physical theatre... a new form of theatre developed in the 1990's which grabs the audience's attention so they receive a message loud and clear. Perfect to relieve the stress of school and IB!!

1pm-4pm: Stage Combat- Choreographed combat/fight scenes! Lots of movement and lots of fun! Sign up HERE

DAA Theatresports Team Top Dubai School at Interschool Improv Tournament

Congratulations to our HD DAA Theatresports teams who participated so ell at the Interschool Improv Competition at The Courtyard Theatre in Dubai last week. Our students finished as first runners up behind the resident Courtyard Team. DAA was ranked the top school team at the tournament. Take a bow Derin Ozkan, Kaan Durmus, Tulika Nahar, Anusha Madhusudana, Tara Alkhas, James Morris, Sophia Caizzone and Charlotte Ege. The Courtyard Playhouse in Al Quoz offer FREE Youth Group Theatre on Tuesdays at 6pm.. RSVP at buff.ly/2PLtioc or email penny@courtyardplayhouse.com for more info.

The DAA HS Arts Department presents ECHOES

We invite parents, students and friends to join us on Dec 5 for an afternoon and evening packed with the Arts!

Band, Choir, the Jazz Ensemble and IB Music students will perform at our annual winter concert ECHOES. It has become a DAA tradition to showcase live music while work by IB Visual Art students is projected on the big screen. As always we present a diverse program of instrumental and vocal music from different genres and in different languages. For the first time, live performances will be recorded as IB assessments.

HS Drama students will perform The Crucible just before ECHOES and we invite you to join us for both events.

ECHOES (Concert): 7.30 pm, Lobby (g/f). Free entry

The Crucible (Play): 5.45 pm, Auditorium

DAA HS Drama presents The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Dec 5 at 5:45 pm followed by HS Music Winter Concert with special HS student Art at 7:30 pm

Dec. 6 at 3:30 pm

Play takes place in Auditorium

20 Dhs/90 minutes no interval/Auditorium/Music Concert in Lobby

Tickets available in next few days from HS Office or at breaks & lunches

THE CRUCIBLE is on the IB English Curriculum

Suitable for ages 12+ only


HS Counseling - Focus on Grade 9

Each edition of SPOTS, we will highlight what students in a certain grade level can be doing to be a successful DAA student. Here is this edition’s focus on 9th grade students.

Your successful 9th grade should be thinking about:

· Regularly checking grades in Power School to see where they are and to create a plan to get where they want to be academically.

· Meeting with teachers during their free periods to review homework assignments, quizzes, tests, and any other assessments if they need more support in a particular area.

· Completing all assignments, regardless of whether this assignment is graded, in order to understand information and to prepare (vs. cram) for upcoming assessments.

· Meeting with their counselor to talk about academics, extracurricular activities, possible career paths, and/or their social emotional health.

· Getting 8-10 hours of sleep a night and eating health foods to promote health, well-being, and to retain learned information.

· Spending time with family and friends, with limits. Everyone needs natural breaks in a day. If you have been studying for 45 minutes, give yourself 15 minutes at the end of this time to get up, get a healthy snack, have a conversation with a friend or family member, and then get back to studying.

· Placing limits on gaming, social media, and texting.

· Expressing gratitude to all of those people in your life who support you – your parents, your friends, your teachers.

PowerSchool Unified Classroom

If you have not yet logged in to PowerSchool Unified Classroom, please click here to view instructions on how to set up your parent account. If you have not yet received an email with your child's Access ID and Password, or if you are having any difficulty logging in, please email psparenthelp@gemsdaa.net.

We have created a video tutorial to help you navigate the dashboard once you have successfully logged in. The dashboard also includes a help function if you require additional assistance in navigating the dashboard.



If you know your child will be away from school, please contact Roma Agtarap, our HS Attendance Secretary at r.agtarap_daa@gemsedu.com or call her at 047049777 ext 747.