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from high school

May 16, 2019

Dear High School Students and Parents

It is hard to believe that we only have a month and a half remaining in the school year. We would like to send out a few reminders to help you with your planning.

Grade 9, 10 and 11 Exams

Our Semester 2 exams will arrive sooner than we think. Please keep in mind, for your summer planning, that our exam period starts on 17th of June for Grade 11 and 18th of June for grades 9 and 10. The official exam period runs until the 24th of June with the 25th and 26th reserved for conflict exams. Report cards will be sent home on the 27th.


To all our seniors. We are getting ready to start the last week of IB Exams. As we lead up to graduation on the 30th of May please keep the following in mind:

  • May 26th - May 30th (week of graduation) Seniors must complete the clearance procedure. For example, accounts office, TRC, sports uniform, locks returned to HS office, STS, etc. This process will be done online. If students are missing something we will notify you. Once your clearance is complete transcripts will be published on parchment and can be ordered starting the 2nd of June 2019. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding transcripts please speak with your counselor.
  • May 27th - First Graduation Rehearsal, mandatory event. 9:45 please meet in the Gym,
  • May 28th – Transition to College Meeting + Alumni Visit + Graduation Rehearsal – 9:45 am - 1:00 pm - Mandatory Event!! Meet in Auditorium.
  • May 29th - Dress Rehearsal / Awards Assembly- Mandatory Event - Seniors parade in and sit on the stage. Seniors must arrive at school prior to assembly for an additional rehearsal. 9:30 am - 1:00pm
  • May 30th- Graduation Day!!!! Seniors arrive at school by 3:30 pm latest. Gather in Senior Lounge. Graduation starts at 5:00 pm (Doors opening for guests at 4:30) and should finish very close to the start of Iftar.

Course Selections for next year.

Thanks to all students who have completed their course requests for next year. In last few weeks of school you will receive and confirmation of the courses that you have been enrolled in for the start of next academic year with instructions on what to do should you see any areas of concerns. Please keep in mind that we always start with an 8 day add/drop period for you to make any changes to your schedule if those changes are possible based on scheduling and numbers.

Have a great weekend.

Marc Starr and Tammy Jochinke

HS Admin

from the counseling office

Greetings DAA Alumni!

The DAA HS Counseling Office is organizing a special event for our graduating class of 2019.

This event is looking for recent DAA alumni to speak about the opportunities and challenges of going off to university by discussing: "Strategies for Making the Leap to University Life" on Tuesday, May 28th at 10:00 AM in the DAA Auditorium.

We hope you can attend this event and help make it a successful transition for the Class of 2019.

Please confirm your attendance by Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019 via email to alumnidaa@gemsdaa.net

Dubai American Academy

High School Admin & Counseling


Tim Tschumperlin CAS Coordinator

On Thursday, June 6 at 6PM, I will be downloading all the CAS data from Managebac. It is very important that all students have all their experiences uploaded by that time or it will not be counted.

Students will receive one of the following comments on their report card indicating their final status in CAS:

You exceeded the expectations of the DAA CAS Program for 2018-19.

You met the expectations of the DAA CAS Program for 2018-19.

You fell below the expectations of the DAA CAS Program for 2018-19.

Grade 9 and 10 students who fall below the expectations of the program will have to make those hours or experiences up the following school year. A list of students will be sent to admin.

Below are specific requirements for classes:


All grade students should have completed their CAS requirements by Spring Break. Students that have not fulfilled their requirement by graduation will not receive their diploma until completed.

Here are the minimum requirements:

Full IB Diploma: 10 Experiences with reflections/evidence & 1 Project with 5 reflections & evidence.

Non Full IB: 25 hours of service with evidence. Students new to DAA are required to document 10 hours.


By the end of this school year, Full IB Diploma students should have at least 7 experiences listed (with reflections & evidence), a project started or identified & 2 formal interviews. Non-Full IB students need to have at least 10 HOURS of SERVICE DOCUMENTED. At the end of the 2nd Semester, students will be assessed and a comment will appear on their report card.


Students are required to document a minimum of 10 HOURS per category (Creativity, Action & Service).


Students are required to document a minimum of 5 HOURS per category (Creativity, Action & Service).

Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions. Several of your questions may be answered by going to the DAA CAS website by clicking HERE.

Tim Tschumperlin



In this time of difficulties and division, we must stand together and protect each other…To live in a world of peace, we must nurture mutual understanding and invest in making diversity a success.”– Antonio Guterres, current United Nations Secretary General

This past weekend students from four schools throughout Dubai came together for our third annual Dubai American Academy Model United Nations Conference. Our conference theme, Peace and Progression guided students to explore and debate vital issues including but not limited to protecting the territorial integrity of post-Soviet States, the Libyan Slave Trade, and territorial claims regarding the South China Sea. While the solutions to these issues are complicated and seemed unattainable, delegates rose to the challenge and engaged in their committees with purpose, determination, and an open mind. Through debate, reconstruction and even comedic antidote they were able to nurture a sense of mutual understanding for those they worked alongside. They did all of this with conscious efforts towards “making diversity a success”.

The success of the conference was made possible by the MUN executive team: Secretary General – Khushi Surana, Deputy Secretary Generals – Varun Gupta and Bahram Gandhi, Head of Technology – Claudio Falconi, Head of Communications – Siya Gupta, Head of Teaching – Leya Gupta and Heads of Operations and Finance – Mekdi Gebreyes and Anusha Madhusudanan. Special thanks to all of our chairs and admin volunteers. Thank you to Mr. Starr and our school’s administration for their support.

We would like to extend an invitation to all students interested in joining or learning about Model United Nations to get in touch with one of our directors Ms. Matthew at d.matthew_daa@gemsedu.com or Mr. Stewart at z.stewart_daa@gemsedu.com.

student spotlight

A few weeks ago, 15 of our grade 7-10 students participated in a UAE wide Quiz competition. Out of 75 UAE schools and over 1700 Student competitors, the team of Christian Psycharis and Omar Elmaayergi made it past the elimination round into the quarter finals. The show was taped for a TV Quiz series and the quarter finals aired on May 12th. Our students easily won that episode with a handsome margin. The semifinals will air sometime in June. We will keep you posted once we know the date. While we are not permitted to disclose the outcome of that episode, we assure you, you will want to watch!

Christian Psycharis and Omar Elmaayergi on Star TVs UAE Quick show

This student duo developed the Pura robotic waterbot (prototype) using Hummingbird robotics kits. Their autonomous robot purifies dirty river and lake water that filters through it, but also more importantly collects data on the water samples for scientists to use to help solve water pollution issues. Their initial project was completed in the fall as part of my Robotics class, and they then went on to the local level Global Innovation Challenge as one of 8 DAA projects to compete. Their project was selected as 1 of 12 semi-finalists from a field of hundreds of projects from students across the worldwide GEMS network. While they were not selected as one of the 2 finalists to go on to the 2019 Global Exhibition, we are still very proud of what they have accomplished!

Congratulations to Varun Rajeev Nair (10th) and Rongxuan Tian (9th)

During the recent Work Experience Week, one of our students Samyukta Srinivasan had the opportunity to intern at Gulf News. We are so proud to share that her Health articles have been published in the Gulf News. For your reading pleasure, please find her articles here:

From the HS Computer Science Department

The HS Computer Science department is looking to acquire old computers for Intro to Comp Sci and IB Comp Sci students to take apart, learn from and refurbish. So, if you have an old PC lying around, please contact Mr. Ghosn in the HS at omar.ghosn@gemsdaa.net and he can coordinate pick-up with you.

Note: Since privacy and security are of the essence, we can remove any hard drives and give them straight to you to dispose of as you see fit, or we can format them, in your presence, to ensure that the drives are wiped clean. Thank you!


If you know your child will be away from school, please contact Roma Agtarap, our HS Attendance Secretary at r.agtarap_daa@gemsedu.com or call her at 047049777 ext 747.

For general High School Inquiries, please contact Nashmia Saleem, High School Secretary at n.saleem1_daa@gemsedu.com