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May 30, 2019

Dear High School Students and Parents

This week is a time for celebration in the High School!

On Sunday we held our Athletics Banquet. Thanks to Mr. Hibbard, Ms Deakin and Ms Yvonne for your organization. It is great to celebrate our students athletic achievement. As far as I can remember it was the best attended Athletics end of year celebration that I can remember. I am often overwhelmed as to how able our students are in finding balance in their lives!

On Wednesday we had our annual High School awards ceremony where the student body had the opportunity to say goodbye to the senior class for one last time. Many student awards were presented. Congratulations to our award winners. Never have we had such a hard time in selecting deserving candidates. This is a clear testament to the hard work and dedication of DAA students. At the same event, we saw the swearing in of our new Student Government Presidents. A huge thank you Eman Qadumi and Nick Hensel for your service. Congratulations to Sofia Ladak and Mert Saygi who will take the reigns of our amazing student government from next year.

At the ceremony we also said good-bye to members of our community. Thank you to all the students who chose to be part of the DAA community. We wish you all the best! Unfortunately we also said goodbye to a small number of teachers who will leaving us at the end of the month. A heartfelt thank you for your service.

Finally to the Class of 2019! We are so proud of your accomplishments. We hope you enjoyed graduation. It was a fabulous ceremony. Don't forget us and make sure you drop by for a visit.

Warm Regards

Marc Starr and Tammy Jochinke

High School Administration

student spotlight

Correction of article from v.51, Feb.28th.
Some of our Grade 11 Business Management students participated in a local business competition this weekend at DIA. DIA hosted hundreds of local students who participated in one of four events to display their knowledge and application of business tools and theory. One team of DAA students, Minyoung Kim and Jihong Min, took second place in their mobile app development category for their development of the “Pluppy” app.
Correction to previous publication: Seong-Joong Yim was not mentioned but also took part in the Business Minds competition. He designed the prototype for the application for this competition.
We are super proud of these kids, as they worked really hard to create an amazing presentation for the judges. Congratulations and well done!

Work Experience Week

During the first week of May, 10th Graders took part in a very successful Work Experience Week. We would like to share some success stories about the week as well as some of the special experiences that our students were able to have. After the conclusion of Work Experience Week, we asked students to share their experiences with us. This is what we found out:

  • 47 students traveled overseas on “career-focused” trips to Germany, Switzerland and California
  • 32 students took part in an in-school workshop focused on entrepreneurship
  • Of the remaining 173 Grade 10’s who took part in volunteer internships, approximately 94% were in Dubai, 2% elsewhere in the UAE, 4% were overseas
  • Students who completed the internship were placed in companies such as: The Landmark Group, Dubai Municipality, MAG Clinic, Scality, General Electric, Consulate General of India, St. Georges Hospital London, Al Noor Special Needs School, and many more.
  • In a feedback survey completed by students, we found that 17% of students found their own placement, while most had assistance from a parent in order to secure their placement. In the same survey, it was found that 25% of parents assisted the program by offering a placement to someone in Grade 10 other than their child.
  • In the same survey, 85% of those who attended the Entrepreneurship workshop feel more knowledgeable about what it takes to be an entrepreneur

The following are short summaries of work-placement experiences by some of our Grade 10’s. They make for quite and inspiring read:

“I enjoyed working with real architects who tried their best to make sure I understand how a life of an architect is and how fun it is. The people there were so nice to me that so many asked me to sit with them so that they can share their own life experiences. They showed me some of Dubai's biggest projects made by them. I see that this opportunity was extremely helpful for me to make my life decisions.”
“I had an intriguing and exciting, yet very challenging week at my place of work experience. It was the first time that I had to actively find something that I can do to help the company, rather than passively carrying out tasks given to me. Since I could speak Arabic a little bit, I luckily had an opportunity to go into the physiotherapist's room and the doctor's room to help Arab patients communicate with them. I observed a lot of treatment sessions and also sat at the reception to help the receptionist with doctor's appointment reservation, billings and reporting patient cases to insurance companies”
“This was one of the most fruitful weeks that I have spent. I had the opportunity to learn so much that I do not think I would have learnt at this point of time or this kind of knowledge which I had been looking towards for a long time. I had the chance to meet with many, some who had just come out of uni, and others who were managers of whole departments. I also got the chance to experience the fun filled part of their routine in which the employees had a break out area with a PS4, and a pool table, as well as a cafe area for all. Overall, it was a great experience and hope that others get the chance to experience this and we get the chance to experience more in the future.”
“My week at the Kristina Zanic Consultants design studio entailed receiving insight into different projects that were being worked on and getting involved with them. I spent the majority of my time at a desk, as did everyone else, creating digital mood boards and compiling pictures for projects including a villa, resort, and majlis (traditionally an Emirati sitting area) to help inspire the designs for them. Though I was not able to have a large input in projects, I still learned about the skills that an interior designer needs (and these include technical drawing skills, creativity skills, social skills, and more depending on the area of specialty) through the work I did as well as mere observation. I gained much insight into the average days of being an interior designer, and even created a island-resort-centered physical mood board that they call “pinspiration”, using a whole wall. Hence the name, it will *hopefully* serve to inspire everyone in the studio when it comes to working on the island resort project that was in the works. Overall, I gained valuable experience which helped me decide that interior design was indeed the right career path for me.”
“It was very educational, I learnt a lot about dentistry and what it's like to work as a dentist. I learnt about kids' behaviours and how to manage them, as every child had a different feeling towards the dentist. I learnt about many dental procedures and equipments, and it was overall really fascinating and has definitely opened my eyes to more fields than just becoming a doctor. I am now seriously considering dentistry as a career path.”

Great job Grade 10!

Thank you to Mr. Starr, Mrs. Jochinke, Mrs. Douglas (Grade Level Advisor for Grade 10), Grade 10 MEA teachers for their support, as well as all of the teachers who volunteered their time to be chaperones for the overseas trips or local excursions.

Josh Doubleday

Dean of Students -High School


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