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November 14, 2019

Dear Parents,

We had a full house over the last two days during Parent Teacher Conferences. A big thank you to our student ambassadors (your children) who helped parents find their teacher’s classrooms or guide them to the PowerSchool desk where Abhi, our Director of Innovative Learning Systems helped parents sign up to our grading platform, Unified Classroom. If you were unable to meet a teacher due to a scheduling conflict, please email them directly for a meeting.

You are a true partner to us in your child’s academic journey, we appreciate your time and flexibility. We wish you a restful weekend.

Kind Regards,

Tammy Jochinke

HS Principal

innovation Spotlight

HS Innovation Spotlight

Students were busy with many academic, creative and collaborative use of technology in the High School. Everything from a Tech Crew composed of Drama students running lights and sound for The Glass Menagerie to the Islamic classes building projects in Minecraft.

HS Students creating technological solutions for Dubai

Project work planning and researching has begun for our entries for the Dubai Young Citymakers competition where our students will be designing solutions to existing govern services or creating new ones. This focus at having students have voice and choice allows students to apply their technological skills to making solutions that impact the DAA and Dubai wider community. Solutions such as stadium sharing apps, better repurposing of plastics and creating drop barriers to allow fast access for emergency vehicles are just a few of the projects.

Dubai Young Citymakers Website: http://young.citymakers.ae/ Deadline December 19th


The quality of production was so impressive that the team has now been asked to perform the play at The Courtyard Theatre in the coming weeks!

from the dean of students

Dear High School Parents,

Last week, we held two very successful Parent Information meetings that focused on Work Experience. We discussed that the formal Work Experience during HSC Week (Feb. 23rd to 27th 2020) is required for those students who:

  • Are in Grade 9 and not traveling or completing a local experience during HSC Week or involved in Bizsmart (February 23rd-29th).
  • Are in Grade 10 and not traveling on a University Tour or to Japan or involved in Bizsmart (February 23rd-29th).
  • Are in Grade 11 and not taking IB HL classes.
  • Are in Grade 12 and not taking any IB classes.

While the Work Experience is a requirement for those meeting the above conditions, we would also encourage students who are not able to complete a volunteer work experience during HSC Week because of travel or other school activities or requirements, to complete one during spring break or during the summer holiday. We encourage this as a Work Experience helps students to feel more confident about university programs they are selecting, and it helps students feel more confident in their abilities when entering the workforce. There are of course, many other benefits.

If you were not able to attend one of the meetings, or would like more information, please open the following presentation that was shared during the meeting:

Work Experience Presentation

We have also created a website to give you more information. It also contains the school letters/forms that will help your children arrange a Work Experience. Work Experience Website

Please be aware that we support our students needing to arrange a Work Experience by introducing them to CV writing, taking a personality quiz to determine possible suitable careers, shortlisting companies and creating an action plan prior to approaching a company.

Should you still have further questions, please email or arrange a meeting with Mr. Tony Azoulay -Grade Level Advisor for Grade 10.

Email: a.azoulay_daa@gemsedu.com

Josh Doubleday

High School Dean of Students

uniform reminders

Dear Parents,

Lately we have seen a trend of skirts that are too short, pants that are not Threads pants, shoes that are not regulation and outerwear that is not school issue. Please be reminded of the following uniform guidelines that all HS students are expected to follow. The following guidelines are from our HS Student Handbook:


A uniform including a tie is required in all GEMS Schools.


1. Regulation light blue shirt, fully buttoned.

2. Regulation dark blue slacks for boys.

3. Regulation dark blue skirts (knee length or longer) or slacks for girls.


4. Regulation dark blue tie with logo (seniors not included).

5. All Black shoes.

6. Black leather belts for slacks for boys.

7. Regulation cotton sweatshirt with school logo. (Seasonal Wear)

8. Regulation cotton sweater with school logo. (Seasonal Wear)

9. Seniors have the option of wearing Senior Polo Shirts be wearing black shoes.

  • Non-regulation outerwear may not be worn in school; it should be kept in lockers.

The Principal’s judgment will be final. The Principal may request a student to return home for the purpose of changing clothing. Our policy is: Wear clothing that is respectful to one’s self as well as to others.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.


Josh Doubleday

Dean of Students -High School

from the library

Next week, Sunday 17th and Monday 18th, we will have a poet visiting DAA. He will work with some of the 9th-grade English classes and then he will be offering workshops after school on Sunday 17th (3-4 pm in the MS Library). If your child is interested in attending, please have them send an email to Ms. Marta at marta.perez@gemsdaa.net

Parents sign up HERE.


Upcoming Requirements and Due Dates for CAS

I have been pushing into the 9th, 10th and 11th grade classes to go over reflections and requirements, and I have seen great progress on CAS portfolios. As we have upcoming Due Dates for CAS, I want everyone to be aware of the requirements so there are no surprises when report cards come out. You can see more at the CAS Webpage.

Log everything onto your CAS portfolio at http://daa.managebac.com

9th and 10th Grade:

By January 8th

  • 9th Grade needs 8 hours of Service documented with a reflection in Managebac (BE, AE, ME, EE) - Be sure to explain how your experience qualifies as service.
  • 10th Grade needs 8 Hours of Service documented with a reflection in Managebac (BE, AE, ME, EE) - Be sure to explain how your experience qualifies as service.

11th and 12th Grade High School Diploma:

By January 8th of 11th year (BE, AE, ME)

  • 8 Hours of Service documented in Managebac
  • 1 Reflection - Be sure to explain how your experience qualifies as service.

By January 8th of 12th year (BE, AE, ME)

  • 23 Hours of Service documented in Managebac
  • 1 Reflection - Be sure to explain how your experience qualifies as service.

11th IB Diploma

Due on January 8th of your 11th Grade (BE,AE, ME)

12th IB Diploma:

Due on January 8th of your 12th Grade (BE, AE, ME)

    • Aims and Goals Complete.
    • Two formal interviews complete.
    • Start EIGHT experiences and record your two reflections and evidence in Managebac for each
    • Complete FOUR reflections and evidence for your CAS Project in Managebac
    • Make a copy of the CAS CHECKLIST and store in your TOK Google Classroom. Start filling it out as per the model.

If you have questions, please contact me at thomas.buteau@gemsdaa.net

On the 7th of November, the Dubai Cares Club in the High School kicked off the new tradition at DAA of selling donuts on the first Thursday of each month.

Thank so much for your support! It was a great success.

We look forward to the next donut sale.

moo (1).mp4

Signing with Sofia (Student Spotlight)

I really love learning languages. I find it astonishing that there are so many different ways to communicate other than just using your voice. Music and sign language are examples of different forms of communication that I've really enjoyed learning, I hope to educate the DAA community about one more way that they can communicate to others, this new way of communicating that I will be teaching is sign language. I hope that the DAA community enjoys it as much as I did!

- Sofia Sahdala Abad 11

from the counseling office


PowerSchool is our student information management system which houses grades and marks for middle and high school.

If you have not yet received an email with your child's Access ID and Password for your PowerSchool account, or if you are having any difficulty logging in, please email psparenthelp@gemsdaa.net.


HS Attendance Secretary

Roma Agtarap / 04 704 9747 / r.agtarap_daa@gemsedu.com

HS Secretary to Principals

Nashmia Saleem/ 04 704 9723 / n.saleem1_daa@gemsedu.com

HS Secretary to Counselors

Jan Evans/04 704 9831 / j.evans_daa@gemsedu.com