ELEMENTARY essentials


September 6th, 2018

Dear Elementary School Families,

We have had a wonderful week welcoming your children into our classes! Throughout this week our teachers and staff have been leading engaging and purposeful community building lessons to establish the strong and healthy relationships needed for a great school year. We are definitely off to a strong start here at Dubai American Academy!

Below is our first week in photos. These are from Twitter. If you do not yet follow us on Twitter please follow @gems_daa and @DAAElementary. We will also post under the hashtags, #daabestyearever and #FluencyED.

Have a great weekend! I am sure the students will be tired from the first week back so make sure to give them the sleep they need and rest up for another great week of learning starting Sunday.


Mr. Cantlie

Executive Principal of Elementary

after school activities

After school activities schedules are out! Read all the information in SPOTS' ALL SCHOOL NEWS SECTION so you don't miss out!

student digital e-portfolio - seesaw

We are excited to announce that we will continue to use Seesaw in our Elementary Classrooms as a digital e-portfolio

Seesaw is a simple way for teachers and students to record and share what's happening in the classroom. It gives students a place to document their learning, and be creative. Each student gets their own journal and will add things to it, like photos, videos, drawings, or notes. See the exciting things you will have access to in this short video.

Your children will be building their Seesaw journals next week and getting them ready to share with you the following week.

Please join us for Seesaw Sunday to learn more. We’re offering three opportunities:

September 16th from 8:00AM - 9:00AM or

September 16th from 2:00PM - 3:00PM


September 19th at Back To School Night

key contacts

Should your child(ren) need to be away from school due to illness or appointments, please contact our School Secretaries.

KG1 - KG2: Grace Ajib (04) 704 - 9705 / g.ajib_daa@gemsedu.com

Grades 1-5: Rene Botha (04) 704 - 9724 / r.botha_daa@gemsedu.com

Monitoring the weather at DAA

Here at Dubai American Academy the health and safety of our children is a number one priority. This opening week of school we have experienced weather typically of the Middle East in summer. A combination of high temperatures and humidity can make physical activities hazardous. A variety of precautions are put in place to reduce the risk, while still aiming to provide our children with the opportunity to exercise outside.

The schools health clinic team reviews daily the local weather reports as well as conducting an onsite assessment. Rather than exclusively relying on local weather reports and temperatures alone, the school has its own wet bulb globe thermometer. This measures and displays a heat stress index which better assesses how hot it actually feels when humidity, air movement, and direct or radiant sunlight are all taken into consideration.

Results from these assessments are share with the school faculty and offers guidelines on what precautionary measure should be taken for the day.

Dubai American Academy is fortunate to have a variety of external areas accessible to our children. As the weather changes we distinguish between our exposed AstroTurf and the more protected Primary playground and play terrace. Whilst one area can be in direct sunlight the other is shaded and maybe experiencing a cooling breeze thus reducing the heat stress index and providing a less exposed area for children to enjoy.

All our teachers are fully briefed on the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and children that are more susceptible to heat stress are identified with their teacher. Dubai American Academy is proud to boast one of the highest first responder to student ratios in the UAE and our commitment to ensuring your child’s safety is paramount to our continued success at DAA.

DAA parents association

Homeroom Parents for Kindergarten 1 to Grade 5 Classes.

DAAPA is looking for volunteers! Parent volunteers have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of our DAA community and are an integral part of school life at DAA. Social and community events can only happen with your involvement.

Becoming a HOMEROOM PARENT allows you to support your child’s teacher, enhance the classroom atmosphere and promote friendships among classroom families. It is also a great way to meet other parents and model community spirit. If this role sounds like one you would be enthusiastic to fulfill, or share with another, please consider joining this team of parents who want to make a positive difference at DAA! Just fill in this form

Don't have time to commit to a Homeroom Parent role, but still want to get involved? Please use this form to identify events that are of interest to you.

from the elementary library

Welcome back DAA families from the Elementary Libraries! We are open and excited to see you again or for the first time this year! Just a reminder that we are open from 7:30am to 3:30pm each day except Tuesdays until 2pm. Stop by and visit us or set up a parent account if you are new. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Amanda Gintaut - Ground Floor ES Library - a.gintaut_daa@gemsedu.com

Janelle Wren - First Floor ES Library - j.wren_daa@gemsedu.com