ELEMENTARY essentials


March 28, 2019

admissions reminder

Thank you to all the parents who have shared their intention for next academic year. If you have not contacted us please do so by March 31st.

To ensure your child has a confirmed seat, the re-enrolment deposit will be due upon your return after spring break. We will begin to release seats to new students on April 16th.

For your convenience we are available over spring break. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Gabrielle Keane, Admissions Director G.keane_daa@gemsedu.com, 04 704 9777 ext 706.

Peter Pan

We are so proud of the cast, crew and staff that put together an amazing two nights of Peter Pan. We are very fortunate to have a world class auditorium to showcase the talents and enthusiasm of our students! Two packed performances was very much appreciated by everyone.

Innovation Week

This has been an amazing week of learning for our students! As our students have delved into “an inquiry into our cultures” we have seen so much pride in the students sharing about their home countries and cultures. Along with the learning around culture, the level of digital literacy our students have is phenomenal. As our teachers have taught students about the various Apps, many students have demonstrated incredible knowledge as they embed their learning into their presentation tools.

Student Behavior and Expectations

As we begin Term 3 when we return, we will bring the grades together for assemblies that build excitement for the final term of school, as well as set the standard for behavioral expectations. Through PAWS certificates we have seen really positive behaviors across the grades and a growing sense of pride in student relationships. For those students who require guidance our teachers and administrators work to ensure there are clear expectations and logical consequences when necessary.


Reminder: External and Internal ASAs Term 3 will begin the week of April 14th!

TERM 3 INTERNAL ASA SCHEDULE (click HERE or on list below to download PDF)


comic con contest

Highlights of our Term

It has been a busy, busy term filled with some wonderful school experiences. Here are some of the highlights:

  • DAAPA Movie Night - Sing
  • KHDA Inspection where we attained another Outstanding rating.
  • Great Kindness Week where we engaged in relationship building throughout the elementary school.
  • Our traditional Grade 5 Overnight Field Trip to Dibba.
  • Sports Day K-2. What a beautiful day they had!
  • Track and Field Day for Grades 3-5. Some fun competition for our older grades and a day emphasizing the value of athletics.
  • Spirit Week organized by our Student Council.
  • Development of our Reading and Writing Workshop Program for Literacy. Erin Kent, an internationally recognized Literacy leader worked with our staff to support full implementation of our K-5 program.
  • Literacy Week had great participation amongst the students and finished off with a wonderful Character Day.
  • Student Led Conferences was an opportunity for the sharing of learning between teachers, students and parents.
  • Our music teachers held our Musical Showcases with Grades 1 & 2 as well as Grade 3 & 4. We have some few talented singers in our school.
  • DAAPA International Food Festival was well attended despite the weather. So many great booths from around the world for our community to experience.
  • Our Grade 5 musical of Peter Pan showcased the artistic talent of our students.
  • Innovation / Inquiry Week has been a whole school learning experience for our students and staff and an excellent way to end the term!

Have a great Spring Break!


As a way to show our appreciation to the amazing DAA teachers, we are requesting you to showcase your culinary skills and prepare an appetizer or salad, an entrée (cold or hot), or a dessert that will serve up to 20 people for the lunch. In order to get a good selection of sweet and savory, we ask that you bring an:
Appetizer or salad if your last name begins with the letters S-ZEntrée if your last name begins with the letters A-FDessert if your last name begins with the letters G -R
(For example, Smith begins with “S”, so bring an appetizer)
Kindly email a brief description of your dish to daaparentconnect@gmail.com by Sunday, April 14th.
Wishing you a wonderful holiday, DAAPA Teacher Appreciation Lunch Committee

key contacts

Should your child(ren) need to be away from school due to illness or appointments, please contact our School Secretaries.

KG1 - KG2: Grace Ajib (04) 704 - 9705 / g.ajib_daa@gemsedu.com

Grades 1-5: Rene Botha (04) 704 - 9724 / r.botha_daa@gemsedu.com