ELEMENTARY essentials


May 30, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please refer to our Weekly Update that was emailed yesterday for all the wonderful learning in Elementary.

If you find you have not received this email, please inform Rene r.botha_daa@gemsedu.com and we can confirm your email contact details.

Have a great weekend.

Your Elementary School Leadership Team

Craig, Nathalie, Anita, Tooshna, Noha

after school activities will continue!

Please note that the Internal ASAs will resume for two weeks only, immediately following the EID Holiday.

Therefore, Sunday Internal ASAs will continue on Sunday, June 9th, from 3-4:30 pm.

The final day for these Internal ASAs will be Wednesday, June 19th.

External ASAs will continue as per the usual schedule. Please contact your External ASA Provider for specific timings and final dates.

Thank you to all parents for your continued support of our ASA program.

key contacts

Should your child(ren) need to be away from school due to illness or appointments, please contact our School Secretaries.

KG1 - Grade 2: Grace Ajib (04) 704 - 9705 / g.ajib_daa@gemsedu.com

Grades 3-5: Rene Botha (04) 704 - 9724 / r.botha_daa@gemsedu.com