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February 6, 2020

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Athletics Department news

Please find below some information on our season 3 opportunities, along with tryout schedules and links to register:

Season 3 Athletics Letter

Season 3 Coaching Staff

Season 3 Tryout Schedule

Registration Links to Forms:

Speech and Debate:

JV/Varsity Boys Baseball:

JV & Varsity Girls Softball:

JV & Varsity Badminton:

JV & Varsity Track and Field:

U14 Track and Field:

U14 Badminton:

Please note, all QR Codes are posted on the Athletics Office Bulletin Board, and are available at reception, MS Office and the HS Office. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Athletics Office.

We look forward to you getting involved in a great program.

Best regards,

Scott Hibbard

Athletics Director

+971 47049777 ext 764

MESAC celebrations as our JV boys soccer team brought home the gold this week! Congratulations Leopards!

Congratulations to our JV girls basketball team for clinching the MESAC Championship! Super proud of all our teams and coaches.

For all External Activity Providers, please see the Academy Guide HERE.

Athletics & Activities Office Contacts

Athletics DirectorScott Hibbard:
Activities CoordinatorJim Matter:
Aquatics CoordinatorMarie Leclerc:
Athletics & Activities AssistantYvonne Sidani: