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superintendent's perspective

This week, heads of schools across the GEMS network met to discuss ways of communicating with parents. We put together a short video to highlight one of our most innovative ways that we reach out to our parent community. Thank you to our lovely parents Faizal and Safeena who supportively took part in the video and to the wonderful work of our very own Paul Hopkins for putting it all together.

We are excited to launch our "Talks with Tammy" this Sunday October 21st! These will be small informal sessions of parent groups of 15 where parents set the agenda and let us know what they want to discuss. The first session will be an invite for 15 of our KG parents who are first to register. Want to take part? Please make sure you register here!

Health and safety Reminders


Every adult on campus must be wearing a colored lanyard. Parents, your lanyards are yellow. Parents who are not displaying a yellow lanyard will be asked to sign in at security and given a visitor (green) lanyard.


A kind reminder that Gate 2 is only for pick up and drop off. Parking is not allowed in this laneway. Gate 2 will only be opened at 2:45pm for dismissal on regular days and at 1:45pm on Tuesdays. Please reinforce this message with your drivers as well.


All students in grades 3-12 should now have their Student ID which will operate as their Slices cafeteria card. If your child from grades 3-12 has not received their card, please contact


It is cold and flu season so please avoid sending children to school if they are unwell.

A sick child cannot learn effectively and is unable to participate in classes in a meaningful way. Keeping a sick child home prevents the spread of illness in the school community and allows your child the opportunity to rest and recover.

Bus Behavior

We would like to remind all students and their families that we hold the same behavior expectations for students when they are on the bus. Students should always model kindness, consideration and respect for others on their way to and from school. Parents please support us by reminding your children to consistently model positive behavior choices on the bus.

Dubai 30X30 Fitness Challenge 2018

The Dubai Fitness Challenge started in 2017 as a citywide initiative of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council for Dubai Government. With one goal in mind, the challenge encourages every resident and visitor in the city to exercise continuously for at least 30 minutes for 30 consecutive days, turning Dubai into the most active city in the world.

Nearly 1 million people from Government, corporate, schools, universities and the public joined in the movement and committed to getting their daily #Dubai30X30.

Our goal is to get students, parents and teachers moving for 30 minutes everyday for 30 days between October 26-November 24, 2018, which we hope will create long term positive lifestyle changes. So lets show some Leopard pride and get involved!

Throughout Dubai there will be a variety of events, classes, carnivals and villages around the city. At DAA we will be running a variety of events for students, parents and teachers everyday kicking off with a Fun Run on Sunday, October 28 from 7am -7:30. Everyone is welcome!

Our first week of events will be as follows:

Prior to October 26, download the Dubai Fitness App, create a profile and join the DAA group OR use this link to register as part of the DAA group.

If any parents would like to lead a session, please get in contact with Jillian Clegg


Fall is here! DAAPA is pleased to announce the return of the PUMPKIN PATCH!

Pumpkin patch order forms were sent home earlier this week with Kg1-grade 5 students. If you would like to order your very own pumpkin, return this form along with exact change to your classroom teacher by Monday, October 22nd. Kindly note that the pumpkins are sourced locally and vary in shape and color. No pumpkins are allowed on the buses.

MIDDLE / HIGH School students, this year you can order too! If you would like to purchase pumpkins, the cost is AED 45 each. Please bring exact change and collect an order form from your divisional office on Sunday. Select your favorite from the pumpkin patch on October 28 or 29.

Send us a picture of your carved pumpkin and join our PUMPKIN CARVING COMPETITION. There will be prizes awarded to the best carved pumpkins in 4 categories: Early Years, Elementary, Middle and High School.

Kindly take a picture of you with your carved pumpkins and send to

athletics and activities

This past weekend our Leopard Sports Teams were in action in the Emirates Athletic Conference tournaments, and our teams and athletes had great performances throughout. Please find below the final results.


Varsity Boys 1st Place

Varsity Girls 2nd Place

JV Boys 2nd Place

JV Girls 3rd Place


U14 Boys 1st Place

U14 Girls 2nd Place

JV Boys 4th Place

JV Girls 2nd Place

Varsity Boys 2nd Place

Varsity Girls 1st Place

Golf: 3rd Place

This past Sunday our Academic games team competed in an event versus ASD. It was a highly competitive event and it was great to see such performances of high academics standard under such time pressure. This weekend on Saturday October 20th our U14 teams will compete in their respective EAC Volleyball tournaments and both coaches and players look forward to competing and representing the Leopards. Next week our teams travel to their MESAC events, and we wish them well. Live streaming links for these events will be shared with the community when the Athletic Department receives that information from the host school.

As Season One closes we have one foot already into Season Two. Please note the following important information. Registration information and forms will be sent out on Tuesday October 30th, and tryouts for Season Two teams in Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer and Tennis will being on Sunday November 4th. Teams will be selected after the completion of tryouts on Thursday November 8th. Please keep your eyes open for more information, and don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get involved.

We look forward to more action in the coming weeks.

CAT 4 Testing

At DAA educators examine multiple sources of data, such as teacher observations, student work, discussions, in-class assessments and activities, and external assessments, like MAP and CAT4.

Over the next two weeks, all students in Grades 3, 6, and 8, as well as students in Grades 3-12 that are new to DAA for the 2018-2019 school year, will be taking the CAT4 (Cognitive Ability Test). The information from this assessment tends to be valid for two to three years. As a result, only selected grades take the test each year.

CAT4 will provide us with information about a child’s cognitive and reasoning abilities (in comparison, MAP shows students achievement). The CAT4 is not about school achievement; rather it provides an indicator of general ability and potential. By measuring a student’s ability to reason with different types of material, CAT4 allows us to assess the way a student thinks and how they will learn best, which enables educators to adapt teaching accordingly.

CAT4 provides a unique profile of strengths and weaknesses across four areas:

Verbal Reasoning – the ability to express ideas and reason through words is essential to subjects with a high language content, and the most obvious skill picked up by traditional assessment.

Non-Verbal Reasoning – problem-solving using pictures and diagrams - skills that are important in a wide range of school subjects, including math and science-based subjects.

Spatial Reasoning – the capacity to think and draw conclusions in three dimensions, needed for many STEM subjects, but not easily measured by other assessments.

Quantitative Reasoning – the ability to use numerical skills to solve problems, applicable well beyond mathematics.

The test is divided into three, 45-minute sections and is completed electronically on iPads or laptops. More information about the test can be found through this link: CAT4 Information for Parents

Should you have any questions about CAT4 testing at DAA please reach out to our CAT4 Coordinator, Ms. Anne Gomez at


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